Autostereogram, Football

September 2007

If you haven't seen such "magic-eye" images before, open the full size image and stare at it for several seconds. Try to focus behind the screen as if you were looking for something behind the glass. Suddenly you will see a 3D shape as if it was covered in wallpaper.

The new Nikon D3 allows you to capture action with its new Scene Recognition System. The D3 uses a 1005-pixel RGB metering sensor to distinguish a subjects shape, position and movement for improved auto focus accuracy.
Nikon D3
Focus faster.

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i very like 2 live

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i really couldn't be arsed to waste my time staring at the image.
you're assuming way too much interest on the part of anyone seeng this thing.
read gossard's book - he pointed out that the only people who look at advertising are people in advertising.

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I did stare and still wasn't able to catch nothing more than a mess. Which makes it even worse.

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thats a bad ad cause not everyone can see it...i can, but it ask too much from the viewer

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very good job!
It takes 3 seconds to see the 5 football players.

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gossard said people only look at ads if they are interested in them. But this is the kind of [edited by admin for foul language] that is not interesting at all.

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congrats. this ad is only 15 years late.

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andrej dwin
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could they possibly hide better the only line worth being there "Focus Faster"?
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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i won't waste my time with this. at least the image is solved on the display on the camera in the lower right corner...
annoying ads!

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there should be a simpler way to watch these kind of 3D images. I love them but i want others to admire & enjoy them too.

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Positively bad...

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My eyes sore...but I still see nothing.

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I saw something but I couldn't actually figure out what it was, really annoying.

Plus, these things have been an gone.

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I'm pretty sure the point of it is that it is hard and takes a bit of time to reveal the image, but if you look at the screen of the camera, the image is already in focus - therefore, you don't have to do it. Probably should have explained that in the body copy...

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i very like 2 live