Blashyrkh's picture
32888 pencils

Nice work. Hope this is not a "done" one. This stands out as well without that creepy line.

tirthomitro's picture
2758 pencils

a tad little forced...
blashyrkh, i think u're rite abt the line.
it IS creepy and absolutely redundant.
would have been great with just a MADD logo.
or the logo that's there.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

Ed Mintone's picture
Ed Mintone
585 pencils

you need a more emotional message to be effective in this category

Guest's picture

so we need categries of messages within a cathegory?

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

absolutely never been done before and i disagree with the comments above about the line... the ad is perfect and the visual is more that perfect... 10/10

| Everartz |

bad astronaut's picture
bad astronaut
544 pencils

the copy is fine.

rebelscum's picture
2110 pencils

I'm with blashyrkh...the line is weak.

Nice model, nice photography, nice lighting. Not entirely sure it drives the message tho.


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

bad astronaut's picture
bad astronaut
544 pencils

but people will get it, even if it's not the best line in the world.

Guest's picture

drink drive. ha ha ha . Trihan

Guest's picture

this is what i call simple line. the concept is good

tanvir hassan raju's picture
tanvir hassan raju
419 pencils

ohh..i like it very much..great execution as well n copy as well.


alexander_bickov's picture
3279 pencils

Yes, done! Great idea! Moinid!

magedmaher's picture
17 pencils

The line is trying to make sure of the delivery of the message, sometimes we need this.

Guest's picture

Do you people seriously think idiots who drink and drive will look at this and never drink and drive again?

Will they dig deep as they sip on their 7th beer, and think of the lives that might destroy because they saw a broken bottle that resembled a car?

Cool visual, but not effective.


Guest's picture

Barfights and death pfriends or relatives e are the only way to communicate with those people. Unless we got a campagne that ran over those peoples parents or friends.. they won't get it.

bad astronaut's picture
bad astronaut
544 pencils

do you really think any print ad will stop an alcoholic from driving? do you really someone drunk bothers reading?

Cool visual and a reinforcement of a redundant message.

Guest's picture

And the point we're in advertising is?

Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
1243 pencils

Muy bueno...yo lo abriría a campaña, con varios modelos de carro y diferentes tipos de botellas.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

Harrison's picture
98 pencils

The line is good, sends the idea home.

hero china's picture
hero china
99 pencils


Guest's picture

Clean... good the line is small printed :)
Nice idea. :)
Nice Idea.

Muhammad Imran's picture
Muhammad Imran
616 pencils

10 out of 10 Well done! Congrats

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

Tho not very emotional, idea is ok, but execution make it good one, copy is simple, and simplicity has its own virtue.


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

Guest's picture

i liked it a lot. It conveys the message even without copy but sometimes to make dumb and deaf hear, u really have to give a blast..

I m lovin it!

Fabian Kirner's picture
Fabian Kirner
270 pencils

that´s how you make an old genre unique and fresh again! nice!

Guest's picture

"Drinking and driving could shatter your life"

CurryJ's picture
955 pencils

the copy's off the mark a bit...if you drink and drive, everyone else HAS to pick up the pieces...

I think; therefore I am

Guest's picture

Good Idea. Great Art Direction!

Guest's picture

Great great great.........

Guest's picture

gret work. great idea.....

Guest's picture

Great art direction and i Like the ide.

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