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this is simple and nice.
the campaign might help with a descriptor saying that in in all of the shots, where there are usually 'bollywood' stars, are now hollywood stars.
execution could have been a bit stronger though - these dont seem cheesy enough for me..

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thanks for clearing that up! i didn't want to comment on it because i wasn't sure what this was about. i agree, they could have gone heavier on the cheese in them to get it across a little nicer, but i guess if you live there you would get it.

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I like these, they're fun, and since they probably ran in India i think people would get the switch without needing a descriptor.

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i meant the descriptor to be for the benefit of aotw users :)
not in the ad itself...

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ming the merciless
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Does 'horn please' mean the same in India as it does in the West? So cleverly positioned...

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Haha! I doubt it, but that's the first thing I thought too!

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I don't know, to me it also needs more 'cheezyness'.

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It is actually a very nice ad. Indians and those across the world will immediately identify with this. Beautiful and very nice execution.

For those who are not Indians, usually the back of these economical and widely used transportation systems in India, or popular joints across any town are completely smothered with ads from the Indian film industry aka Bollywood.

Thus, HBO has made an inroad and for Indians who are usually quite fanatical about their film industry, these ads are spot on!

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Agree with adkutz. Simple and to the point.

The 'horn please' refers to the fact that since there are so many people in India, the drivers can't really see to well with people hanging out of the buses. So if you're in a small car next towards the rear of one, it's really for that driver's benefit to let him know they're there.

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Actually every tuctuc (as this is) and lorries and busses as well have a "Horn OK Please" painted on the rear.
And it's not just because streets are crowded - their cars are decorated or simply designed in ways that prevents the driver from having a clear view out the backwindow or through the rearview mirrors.
Indians were actually the first ones to introduce the roadgame 'Chicken' - that's the impression you get when driving a motorbike in Goa, anyways.

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very good hai bhai

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In India It is very common. an Indian can understand it easily.
Autorikshaws(Three Wheeler) owners decorate their three wheeler
with the famous posters or Stickers like this.
"Horn Please" is a common word which is generaly written at
the backside of Truck, Loading Rikshwas, or three wheeles.
So this is good ad.

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