Autan: Tarma Couture, 1

Tarma Couture fall/winter (spring/summer) collection
If you don't want your fall/winter (spring/summer) collection branded by the
unmistakeable "griffe" of moths, choose Autan 4 Seasons. For a wardrobe that will attract you, not moths.

The italian word "Tarma" means "moth". The copy advice the consumer to
protect her expensive fashion clothes every season, showing a parody of
typical fashion ads.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Milan Italy
Creative Director / Art Director: Remo Bonaguro
Copywriter: Laura Colombo
Photographer: Paolo Rutigliano

January 2009


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I think this is interesting, I like the bait and switch, it works well.

I don't know about the line "For a wardrobe that will attract you, not moths." because "you" would mean the buyer of the product and the clothes don't really attract you once you own them. Couture is an exclusive culture, and most people wear it for status, if anything, the clothes would attract admires, not 'you'.

Otherwise, interesting, I thought it was just a fashion ad :)

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