George Michael

December 2009

Print advertisment created by FCB, Israel for Autan, within the category: House, Garden.

Mosquito repellent since 1958

Advertising Agency: Shimoni Finkelstein Draftfcb, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Kobi Barki
Creative Director / Art Director: Ori Ganot
Copywriter: Kobi Barki
Illustrator: Moshik Gulst

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L. Wiesen
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How in the world are we supposed to recognize Georges Michaël, here?

Is Autun an anti gay mosquito spray? Plus, no link with the copy and Georges Michael wasn't even born, let alone famous, in 1958.

I rarely say it, but this campaign is pure utter crap.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Associate explained it: it's about repelling mosquitoes SINCE 1958. So Elvis is the "old" times when product was being sold. George Michael is the more recent times. It's a tad confusing. Maybe if there was one more image or two, it won't be so hard to get.

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completely agree with alexander_bickov ;-)


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Don Rapper
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i understood (not liked) the one with Elvis.
This one i don't get, cause in 1958 i dont think George Michael was even born...

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Absolutely bizarre. George Michael is a Mosquito? Huh?
Does this have anything to do with mosquitos carrying disease?
Are they saying that if G.M. was a mosquito he would be a disease carrier and you can keep him away with Autan?
Or did the the creatives have a dislike for G.M.? I do not know...

Stinker of an ad.

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Why is George michael begging for mercy?
More like Terminator...

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L. Wiesen
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One of the most shitty piece of crap ever come acros!!