Autan: Elvis

Mosquito repellent since 1958

Advertising Agency: Shimoni Finkelstein Draftfcb, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Kobi Barki
Creative Director / Art Director: Ori Ganot
Copywriter: Kobi Barki
Illustrator: Moshik Gulst
Published: December 2009


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Student work.

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i like the illustrations, but can't find the connect between the product and the ad

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making elvis into a mosquito to relate to the 60's doesn't make any sense

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quite a non-sensible ad!

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Poor mosquito. Its gonna be hard flying with that outfit.

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maybe they relate the annoying mosquitoes to the annoying elvis?

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Hahaha, funny idea..


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hey hey .....OBJECTION !! ....just for trying to be minimalist copywriter crashed everything..... Mosquito repellent since 1958 meaning through this ad is they are repellent just because of Autun !! it ?

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Doesn't look anything like Elvis. What is the link between him and mosquitoes? Except being anti-Elvis, this ad doesn't make any sense at all.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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two is enough??!


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What's not to understand? The Autan is being sold since 1958. It repelled mosquitoes in the 60's (Elvis) and in the 80's (George Michel). Great ads!

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You probably work for the agency that did the campaign? Now that you explained it, it does seem interesting. However, you can't expect all consumers to get it. It is indeed a tad confusing at first. That said, Elvis wasn't famous just in the 60's. Same argument goes for George Michael (he was also famous in the 90's). Also, he wore that police uniform in a video that was done in the 90's.

Maybe you should have created a third image, showing a person who's famous or huge today. After all, this product is still selling. Maybe Lady Gaga mosquito? Just kidding!

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advertising ninja
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sorry, its still very hard to get. no, almost impossible. why do mosquitos have elvis's face? because they are sucking his blood, get his DNA and have his face?? this is really confusing.

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draft fcb tel aviv shoud not make creative....the situation is always bad in there works..

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