Australian Gold: Kitchen

Sunless tanning

Advertising Agency: DDB, Santiago, Chile
Excecutive Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros, Simón Subercaseaux
Creative Director: Eddy Fernandez
Art Directors: Tomás Garín, Matías Lecaros
Copywriters: Felipe Ararya, Felipe Hernandez, Maria de los Angeles Contreras
Illustrators: Amazing, Gonzalo Arevalo
Photographer: Amazing

July 2011


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Pretty simple and smart.

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Ron Burgundy
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kinda wondering why you guys didn't go with a career woman, instead of a stay at home. Sunless tanning seems like something a woman without any time would use...besides that, im sure the homemaker aspires to like the career woman....feels a tinge sexist....but i like what you did with the art direction over all.

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I disagree. To choose sunless tanning you don't necessarily have to be someone who's uber busy, that is without any time. Sunless tanning is also - and mostly - used by people who want to simply avoid sun burn or possible skin cancer. That said, I would have chosen a different location for the woman. Why show a kitchen? As if that's the place where women belong or spend the most time. Vis a vis the other ad, I am yet to see a straight guy (unless he is metrosexual or uber vain) use a sunless tanning lotion. Overall, good execution. I am not so keen on the concept though.

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Ron Burgundy
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i wish more people on here would state a point as professional as you just did there

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smart advertising.

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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dean viii
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Very nice. I think you're overthinking the comments about where or who should be using it. Putting her in a kitchen isn't a 50s female stereotype, at least in this execution. People actually do use the kitchen, professional or not. Besides, the location is simply showing that you can tan indoors. They just happened to pick the kitchen.

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Ron Burgundy
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It's just a snap shot opinion, and....besides....I don't remembering curing cancer who the hell am i?

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This is only getting 6.1? Tough crowd.

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Nike Diesel
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Wow. Nice idea! Good execution.

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Great execution, but I actually think it is kinda sexist.

I don't think setting the girl in the kitchen and the man in the garage it's random. It is not.
It seems that if the woman would be the one fixing the motorbike or the man cleaning the glass wouldn't be believable. And that's the problem about sexist advertising. Little details that make the difference, after all.

Because of this I didn't realise at first what the product nor the concept were.


Interested in communicate with woman speaking in their language

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see art ... little sunlight ...

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Very immediate.

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