Australian Football League: NFL

Running full speed into a brick wall once isn't very pleasant. How about running into a brick wall 70 plus times in each game? Without padding?
In a league of its own.

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Ben Coulsen
Art Director: Frank Muller
Copywriter: Katie Britton
Photographer: Christopher Tovo (
Retouching: Malcolm Stark
Published: May 2009


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These are terrible,

the lines are long and clunky,
the re-touching is off, lighting and grain.

such a big TVC should have had more care with the print

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AFL advertising used to be brilliant. These are ca-ca.

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562 pencils

i like them !!

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It's good stuff.

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Jakarta Jack

pretty awful campaign. not a bad thought but probably 70+ times in each internal review the creative team couldn't make it work.

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