Austin Habitat for Humanity: Adriana

Advertising Agency: Door Number 3, Austin, USA
Creative Director: Prentice Howe
Art Director: Taylor Harkey
Copywriter: Phil Davies
Photographer: Eric Kiel
Post/image creation: Mind's Eye, Atlanta
Published: February 2008


crazylegz's picture
92 pencils

Why use wrong spelling? If it's imitating child talk that it's not working for me.

Takmelius's picture
203 pencils

I suggest you read the body copy.
Though I think that illiteracy is not "wurse" than disease, child abuse, malnutrition, drug dependancy or death.

Sabupaul's picture
63 pencils

It's not imitating child talk. If she doesn't get quality education, that's how she'd write.


Wordnerd's picture
6660 pencils

whatever their intention here is.. It's not happening for me

monicamexico's picture
830 pencils

I thought this was about mites . . .or something. Bad. Cut this one from the series. You also have grammar issues in the first line of body copy. Should read: Children . . .have lower literacy rates . . .

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