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Should have faught for a better idea

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... and a better illustrator

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santiago Jaramillo

I like the idea, sometimes i feel like that. About the art direction I think that more than one feels that it is not at the same lavel of the idea, don't you think the same?

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weak, art direction mede it week more

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I thought the art direction was fine. It looks like a gallery painting done with a brush and sponge to me. I don't know what everyone was expecting, charcoal?

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such a big idea....haha

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I think there is a flaw in the basic thought itself... You don't fight when you go up there... You have already produced your best... You just sit and watch, whether your idea gets it... Where's the fight here?...

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a good idea gone to waste on bad art direction.

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crispy bamby
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i don't like the art at all

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