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So is this an ad for the economist or audible.com?

Students shouldn't touch economist style ads. They're becoming bad enough as it is.

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This ad is as bas as your comment...

--> Are you so terrify by the idea that student will soon do your job better than you ?

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No, I just think there are better ways of showing how good you are than doing ads that are constantly copied.
Shouldn't you be trying to tackle things from a new fresh perspective.
That's what I meant.
The ad was as bad as your comment it seems.
Please don't snap at my heels again kid. Especially if you've nothing to say.

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Your ad above is terrible. The chances you will "soon do [his] job better" isn't accurate. You'll need to spend at least another 4 years in school learning the basics of research before you can even begin to start catching up.

Your attitude when someone criticize your horrible work will probably cost you another few years while you smarten up and realize you suck. So you're looking at at the very least seven years before you are even back to square one. By that time G_Patterson will be older, more experienced and probably doing better work than he is now. As for you, well you'll probably still be stupid.

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this campaign just take borrowed interest, but i think it does it in a smart way..not like most students who do it with no idea behind it...i am not a fan of borrowed interest at all, but when it's done the right way..i can let it slide...

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The audible.com site, which produces audio versions of magazines and books DOES NOT SELL THE ECONOMIST.

What happened to teaching research in ad school?

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The ideas are there but confusing the message, is it for Economist, the audible site or ipod?. For those not fam with brand may need more spelling out in regards to product, had no idea they were for audio magazines etc. Good homework there agent Blahg.

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Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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saurabh sharma

Enough of The Economist spoofs. I am beginning to get annoyed with the original now.

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