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Hah! I bet they won't pronounce MY name correctly.

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Still a strong concept. The punctuation and phonetics of this one are more obscure than the New Yorker version, so it might be a little harder for a random viewer to grasp, however they are going after dedicated readers of the Onion, so the logo should be enough to make everything crystal clear.


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Oh, I don't dispute the strength of the concept at all. I like it. Really do.

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i like this campaign and the idea...nice student work indeed...

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This is great.

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students at proper universities read books. students at ad schools require audible.com.

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Guest star

...and, of course, an iPod. since it's apple.
whooooooooohoooooohooooooohooooo. apple.
i'm using one of those damn stylish iMacs right now.
i know how to use it. it's an apple.

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Juliana Uchoa

sorry to interrupt, but flick off my friend.

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Horrible. Audible.com does not sell The Onion or the Economist.

Apparently research isn't taught in ad school anymore.

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instinctive tra...
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am i missing something here? the jack for the headphone in a ipod nano comes at the bottom... http://upthechimney.blogspot.com

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