Audi TT TDI: 50mpg

The new Audi TT TDI. The world's first 50mpg sportscar.

Advertising Agency: BBH London, UK
Typographer: Richard Kennedy
Photographer: Paul Zak
Executive Creative Director: Nick Gill
Creative Directors: Kevin Stark, Nick Kidney
Art Director: Victoria Daltrey
Copywriter: Will Bingham
Via: Bestadsontv

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danyels0n's picture
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I am no one to say- but I am getting tired of this style of execution. Several like it this month.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
823 pencils

bbh london? this?

LimitedTimeOffer's picture
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I fail to see why a car outline with a gasoline hose signals low-mpg. This could just as effectively could imply "gas-guzzler".

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils


although this campaign, i'll have to let slide, its a execution is on POINT!

krautland's picture
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exactly what I was going to say.

AD1014's picture
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give it up guys

kgeiger's picture
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Despite all the negativity, I can actually appreciate an auto advert without metal. Nice.

johnny_corvair's picture
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This ad works.

The comments on this site drive me crazy! The arrogance of people. let's see what amazing ads have been created by the people who make such egotistical comments like "yaawn" or "been done before" etc.

This is advertising, not philosophy. We aren't in a career that deserves much merit either, lets be realistic. We aren't saving the world here.

Advertising shouldn't be a "clever contest". Most ads these days are way too cryptic. You have to examine them and dissect them before you find out the meaning...if you even manage to find out the meaning at all. Get over yourselves. It's much easier to critique than it is to create.

New rule. Whoever has a negative comment. has to post an ad (a legitimate ad that ran) that they did which they claim to be better.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
823 pencils

agreed on constructive criticism. most kids don't get enough candy. or sex.

although an ad for an ad is a bit over the top, i think. contemplating publicly on creativity is actually a good thing. it's how one does it.

and who would judge what's negative and positive anyway?

Bye's picture
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New rule. Whoever arrogant enough to think he can apply new rules will have to start a website of his own.

pierrelastname's picture
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Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils

thank you, i'm glad somebody said it...

and for those of you who think the comments could be better or less negative, BOO WAA!,
how else do you expect to make creatives push the bar continually.

johnny_corvair's picture
42 pencils

look who's sensitive now.
i'm making an opinion on people making opinions and you're crying now.

AND just because you're a student, it doesn't mean your work is worse than someone who many years experience do you have, anyway?
when i was in college i had an idea for an ad that i saw later on win an award in Graphis.

i'm not saying awards are where it's at either...believe me.
any contest that's based on opinion (or politically charged) like ad awards shows are mean little to me.
ad awards shows rank up there with figure skating competitions.

simon.gross's picture
541 pencils

Where's your ad, Johnny?


Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils


Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils


zorba_m's picture
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this car look like need a lot of oil to spend

Toro's picture
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BBH LONDON??? How low can you go??

simon.gross's picture
541 pencils

The visual idea here doesn't communicate the product benefit.

It's just an Audi shape made with a petrol hose. Whoop-de-do.

Cover up the copy, and the ad's meaningless.

Cover up the visual and all of a sudden the message is crystal clear.

They had a "word's first" single claim to work with, and this is the result!

If I were the client I'd be pissed off.

piet miller's picture
piet miller
58 pencils

5 creative who actually want credit for this,.....tsa!

sneakyhands's picture
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reminds me of a safety pin execution that i've seen before. also, the execution doesn't work for me. when you look at a 50mpg sports car you should see less gas station and more driving around, picking up girls, midlife crisis, etc.

johnny_corvair's picture
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Simon Gross and Le Douche...why would you want to see my ad? So you can hide behind your computer screen and spew garbage out of your mouth? Where's your ads? (he he) Go back to kindergarten!

This ad works. People are trying too hard to tell a story on a page. One of the main objectives we forget is that we need to capture the person's attention. This is only advertising.

simon.gross's picture
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Mate, whatever.

Here's my latest ad.

I don't pretend for a moment that it'll win a lion. And I welcome any criticism you have to offer. After all, you wouldn't be attacking me, just my work. What I don't understand is the way you're getting upset because people aren't saying nice things about this car ad.

If everyone only ever said nice things about every ad, do you think the standard of advertising would get better?

I don't.

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils

dude I put my shtuff up in the exhibition gallery...with specific instructions to
" Tear my work apart" I need all the negative/positive feedback I can get to make
my work better

The fact your getting butt-hurt on an online forum over comments....about someone
elses work of all things!

shows your lack of rhino skin needed
to survive in this industry.

moonwalker's picture
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These are constructive ciricisms... keep them up... it's like a debate between a client and the creatives... who makes his points/arguments better wins...

Toro's picture
1007 pencils

Dear Moonwalker, the agency is BBH. They should know better than to post something like this. Image and all that.

Chad's picture
441 pencils

Bad day for BBH

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first I'm very suprised by what a beautiful writter u are !

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