Audi: Snow

Express yourself with quattro.

Advertising Agency: DDB Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Hugo Gallardo
Copywriter: Sebastian Valenzuela
Photographer: LSD


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hahahaha maradona ad.
express yourself with cocaine.


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Nick Tasker

This is horrifically bad. I doubt it ran. Just terrible.

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Look!!! on the specifications
Photographer: LSD??? damn drugs!!!

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this one breaks all the

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Guest commenter
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Guest commenter

Hmmm. feels like same ad repeated. Im lost to this one. doesnt say nothin surprising about the Quatrro 4x4 system. just that it er... talks its way around puddles and black ice? Also, for the record, some f***ing retard comments on here are real low life attempts to try and buckle people. they dont. everyone knows you are losers which is why the caustic retorts dont do nothing to anyone but the nobs who put them up. DO YOU FEEL BETTER? I BET YOU DO. stop it you f***ing no-ad-making-reprobates! At least people are gainfully employed and are making stuff.

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i don like... bad desing in the concept

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