Audi R8: Humans are painfully slow

Humans can be painfully slow. That's why we use them.
Unlike most cars, the Audi R8 in not built on a production line. It's built in small numbers in a high-tech car crafting facility. Tasks that are usually executed by robots are meticulously executed by hand. It's a lengthy process, but what it loses in time, it gains in craftmanship.
The new Audi R8. The slowest car we've ever built.

Advertising Agency: BBH London, UK
Executive Creative Director: John O'Keefe
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Art Director: Andy Clough
Copywriter: Richard McGrann
Typographer: Richard Kennedy
Photographer: Frank Kayser

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lsadunb's picture
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British advertising is always very classy. This particular campaign is not one of my favorites, but it deserves respect.

DCRed's picture
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i actually like this campaign. the execution is classy and simple, the copy is great and the tagline is just perfect in all its irony.

arz_diana's picture
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This is the part of the campaign, I think the main part is the TV spot, very cool one:

amsterdam73's picture
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again: good copy, nice photography. but not outstanding, just a good solid ad. just like DCRed said ;-)

kgeiger's picture
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Hmmm... The film on YouTube is nice. And I think the campaign line is brilliant.
But I'm not quite as impressed by the print copy as most people seem to be. I just think that it could use a little polishing...

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The website is also a great addition to the campaign.

Bannerblog is also running a version of the online ads, here:

Guest's picture

Does anyone know what magazine this ad was ran in?

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Blair Semenoff
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Nice touch adding the video to tie it all together, thanks arz_diana

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