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Brutal simple thinking indeed.

Trying to retire ad-man

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ok. though the body copy is bad. it could have just said "the gold standard in automobile engineering"

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Nice idea boyz.

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has this been printed with an additional special colour?

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Just plain awesome. Simple and beautiful.

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A new approach, simple yet effectively.

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true, it is not a new idea, even the execution were not attractive enough.

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Gold awards = Golden Year = Gold Palette. WOW!

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Solid! Good! Great! Simple! Ugh... am I missing something here? The art direction here is non-existent. Jesus! Couldn't that have been more elegant? Isn't the PRESENTATION of an idea everything? Or did I get that ass backwards?

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Ordinary. Which customer know pantone? Adman? Huh. Then Who?

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I didn't notice they put pantone pallete text in their execution??? What pantone pallete are you guys talking about? I see variation of gold colours. Except for those who are colour blind, I think we all know that there are dark green, light green, deep red, brownish sephia etc. Am copy base. What do I know bout colour? A here n there exposure at the office perhaps, but not that detail.
Chest thumping? Yes, indeed. But I don't see why they shouldn't. It's been a golden year for the Audi so, to close the year, they might wanna thank those who bought the mentioned cars above that they didn't buy just a car. They've bought "the" golden car. Deep meaning in a simple Audi Gold? I'd say, why not...

Trying to retire ad-man

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It's like a bad copy from the tampax ad isn't it?

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Ever bought house paint?
Ever picked up a paint brochure?
Ever played with paint sample chips?
Ever painted your house/flat?
This idea transcends Pantone.
Give the audience (way) more credit.
Great idea.
Good on you, Mr. Client.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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