Audi: Battery

Don’t let your car get in your way. Pass by for a check-up.

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Beirut, Lebanon
Executive Creative Director: Walid Kanaan
Creative Director: Joe Abou-Khaled
Art Director: Georges Kyrillos
Copywriter: Chris Jabre
Photographer: Steve Kozman
Group Account Director: Claude Checrallah
Account Director: Hala Amiouni
Account Executive: Bilal Khalife
Published: December 2010


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That's the best of the group. Having owned an Alfa for a few years, I totally relate to this :)

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Oh look, it's snowing in Lebanon!...

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What? It does snow a lot in Lebanon. What's your point?

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idea is great; and so is the execution as well!!! thats what advertising should look like.... love all of them

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i guess this is easier to get when you are a girl, the spark plug ad could have been harder to get.

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"Pass by" seems like a pun on "bypass", no? Very appropriate for a car clinic :P

Well, it's better than "drive by" :D

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The concept is not bad, it should not be seen by the front mirror, I think it looks better in the rearview mirror

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That's what I thought too, but thinking twice it works better this way. When you see the "big problem" blocking your way you have to stop.

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A bit average for me, seems like a case of write line, create ad with literal meaning of line.

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I love it great idea

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Got a problem folks. It's with a car company. One that sells cars to people. And then tells them it's a problem. Car's not the problem. Drivers who forget are the problem. Logic fail.

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