Audi: After-Effects, Robber

Can't stop driving.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe
Art Director / Copywriters: Frederico Gasparian, Alphons Conzen
Photographer: Frederico Gasparian
Post-production: Alphons Conzen

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Bank robbers choice.
"Our cars get stolen and used in robberies"

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i think if these guys friend who is driving the car crosses these guys without noticing that these guys are waiting for him...jus a thought

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Agree with funky_frogii, message not clear

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The quy driving the audi is loving it so much much that he forgot his accomplices. seems quite clear to me…

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Robbers should be more innovative, waiting for bus after robbery is not good for your health.

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Idea is not bad, maybe not clear enough. But good art for a student work.

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They overdid it with the cash in the pockets. It's ok, we noticed they were bankrobbers, no need for a neon sign pointing that out.

As for the concept...I've seen worse.

Quite really.

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Jaap Grolleman
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bit obvious it's fake cash ;p

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Juan Cabral
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I can´t stop driving. But I can stop thinkig after five minutes of brainstorm!

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You mean, like what JC did with that gorilla commercial ?

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Now, this is funny. But something´s wrong with expressions.

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Oussama Black Knight
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Positive & Negative at da same time

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djshermski loves it.

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That's funny idea. I like it.

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funny. who needs enemies when you've got friends who just can't stop driving?

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