Atlantis Travel Agency: Austria

Times have changed. Take the opportunity and travel.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Director: Lucas Heck
Copywriter: Filipe Medici
Illustrator: Carlos Fonseca
Published: April 2008


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Very Fresh. Good work.

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Jonaht M.

I Agree. Great illustration, great concept and very fresh. Congrats!

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"Frenches" ?

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yes, plural of french.

in brazil.

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In Portuguese it would be "Francêses".

They should change it before they send it to Cannes. Ooops, too late.

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626 pencils

Yeah, sorry no. I'm actually fluent in Portuguese, and no, Frenches is nott plural..

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Bring Out Your Dead
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Great concept, wish though body copy came through better though.

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very nice approach... and beautiful illustration

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nice work

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Guest commenter

omg typo?


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I guess it could win a price for the illustration. maybe. i like it. oldschool heroic stuff. The font they chose for the "ad-part" of this is not that great and frenches and fligth are such a no go, that anything else would be a huge surprise to me. i don't really like the idea behind this campaign anyway. but the illustrator could be a good player on a better team ;)

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The illustrations are great, the typo & the copy write needs some looking into! In any case the idea is a new way of looking at the brief.

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