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Diana Pérez
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I like this idea a lot.
It is simple, elegant and carries the message with a twist, out of all this is my favorite and the one of swan lake is the least favorite.

Good job!

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It should be "Night's" not "Nights." Cool, though.

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Charlie Pratt
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Balanced, eye-catching. Good.


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It made me wanna see the play, even do i read the tale

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There's nothing to solve. No 'aha' moment. No reward for looking at it. Anyone could have done this.

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jason argonaut
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If this is 70s, you are soooo jurassic.

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Don Draper
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Could this possibly be more boring?

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go cathy!

Arnold Santillan

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you're all on crack because this is like the stuff that comes out the crack of my ass, are you all involved in advertising in some place that never had it before until like yesterday

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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DON DRAPER - your profile rocks old dude. I want to be you already, and i've only met a small cyber profile of you

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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Don Draper
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Thanks kid. But don't aspire to be me - be you! Be the best YOU can be. (besides, you can't be me. I'm Don Draper. I'm incredible). Anywho, if you ever find yourself state-side and thirsty, look me up and let's throw back a few. I love hangin' out with the kids. It keeps me young. By the way, too bad about that rabbit. You can bet I'll drink to it's memory tonight.

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Cathy Watts
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To those of you who like it, thank you. I am very proud of these posters that I did.

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South Dakota Man

Cathy? Did you live in Dallas, TX awhile back? If so hey!!

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