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nice photography, great art direction, great copy....to sum up in one word:brilliant!
but poor horses...

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i'd agree to the photography, but thats is. But it still makes the ad worth looking at.


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chintan ruparel
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love the dark feel in these!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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god save the copy! Mark the copy might be really pissed with the size of his nice lines! shame on the art directors!

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very good. Nice art direction supporting a good concept and better copy; really strong copy´ campaign

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Um, I'm not sure about this being a 'really strong campaign' I mean the pics are kinda cool but I think the lines are predictable and actually quite crap. It's and ad for horse racing and they're showing horses, racing - what's the concept again?

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I agree with that. The photo is awesome but I can't find the new idea - we all know that before. The copy it's ok but also it's a very used resort.

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