A-Tap earplug: Cry

Advertising Agency: Monday, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Directors: Wiboon leepakpreeda, Passapol Limpisirisan
Art Director: Komson Yamshuen
Copywriter: Thanawat Sakunnanthiphat
Photographers: Anuchai Sricharunputong, Nok Pipattungkul, Remix Studio Bangkok


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i know it's not literal, but it still makes me gag, which is already distracting enough. her being in a crib takes an extra step into negligence. this idea should be possible without plug-gagging living *breathing* things.

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what's negligent about a crib? what's a toddler meant to sleep in... a bunk bed??

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fred derrick
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The idea IS to plug-gagging living *brathing* things. And it's better than 98% of the ads you see in reality. May be scamvertising, may be not a grand prix. I doubt there is an earplugs company that willpay double spread ads...

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the ads are not bad, but come on! another campaign for EARPLUGS!!?? ha. as if a client like this would even do a 'campaign.' let alone 'TWO' campaigns. hey lets do ads for toothpicks!!!! ha.... what a waste of time. how about a campaign for toenail clippers!!! ha.

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