Asus: Warmville

Prefer the one who is green.
For a greener world, ASUS produced N80. With long battery life and environment friendly production; ASUS got the unique "EU Flower" prize.

Art Director: Murat Ersan
Copywriter: Taylan Dutluoğlu
Published: March 2010


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Facebook Farmville

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kimi yancek
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behhh :/

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I see where they're heading, but does the T.G. care enough about the environment when it comes to deciding which computer they're going to buy?

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I can't believe I see an ad referring to Farmville.

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Marta Ibarrondo
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no!!!!!! Farmville is invading us everywhere!!!!!!

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please no

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I like it. Its not about persuading the consumers to buy a laptop that cares for environment, cause i think, the top three factors driving a laptop purchase decision will not contain environment friendliness. to me, its about branding a company as being more responsibile.


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I agree with shahidali


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R U serious
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I don't. I don't care about the intention, the result is awful. Besides, Farmville is a disgrace.

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No good. | | wordjones

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