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Yes, done before several times.

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There was an award-winning TV spot that did that same thing with child abuse.

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i like the idea. the art direction could 've been done better.
however this crappy logo would have ruined it anyway

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I knew Obelix was an oaf.

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Mmmmmh. I don't know. Somehow comic ads smell. Why didn't they just dig out the good old superhuman characters again? Catwoman dumped by owner...

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i believe, because asterix and co are much more popular in germany

the logo is doing a big deal here. There is no real brand and the logo design looks shitty. Nobody really knows it in Germany. And of course, that is why you can't just view the ad and know: "hey that is animal rights"
you have to read the logo first and there is the key to the problem

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though this is about vacation, there was a very similar campaign for abandoning animals using same
cartoon characters published in L. Archive.

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Done to death.

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Yes, done before several times.