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Please don't do drugs, go to school.

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wow, you all deem yourselves designers... the "creative elite!" and you really dont get this?

if you had kids it might make more sense.

its cute. its simple. the topography stresses me out. but its directed towards parents... kids... grandparents... ect. families.

i like it, weird, creative, and doesnt look all photoshop'd like most of the shit thats being produced nowadays.

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But will it sell? Honestly this does more to sell the puppets than the shoes.

The topography doesn't stress me out 'cause there isn't any here... :)


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I agree. It is super cute and it would definitely appeal to moms with money. I love the handmade feel and its simplicity.

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where can I buy them puppets?

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yes cute, and attractive for the target

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i like it a lot... maybe the shoes should be of another color but is sure catches my eye... very creative....!

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I like it... maybe if the shoes were in another color... but this sure will catch the sight of any costumer... very creative!

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The creative that did this...

Pick up your local job classifieds on the way home and look for a new job, like a lobotomist...

Creative that do this are wasting money and consumers time, even if it is only 2 seconds...

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