JopyCunior's picture
220 pencils

sadly, quite insipid.
tobacco is a dependence -> a dependence forces to slavery -> sexual abuse.
way too easy but I still find it funny.

Imagepro's picture
112 pencils

I think it shows the abuse we take of the tobacco companies. We even pay for it! I like the feeling I get from the ad. I wil never forget this one. But many people will only focus on the sexpart again. :(

gmint7's picture
2683 pencils

i agree,

but arguably, it's a wrong logic (that's why it feels weird)

dependence > slavery > sexual abuse , but not: tobacco dependence > sexual abuse (Special case)


Davosk's picture
4815 pencils
Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Cheers, Davosk.
Slave to tobacco.
Slave to tobacco companies!!!
No wonder this is polarising people.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

hufflepoff's picture
430 pencils

Besides for the sexual connotations which may be irrelevant . It still works.

xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

honestly, the sexual connotations in my opinion are stronger than actually the message being transmitted, which is bad.

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thefakehuman's picture
410 pencils

I think its a strong and in your face approach... it does have a powerful message wrapped in a visual that's quite relevant.

- Life Feeds on Life -

dsklan's picture
1930 pencils

why slave?
girls love to blow my dick;)

lynz's picture
104 pencils

So not appropriate, no one wants to hear this BS!

dsklan's picture
1930 pencils

i forgot to mention, mine is more like a havana;)

Don Jono's picture
Don Jono
24 pencils


Lets Play!

PERP's picture
433 pencils

Ok, this is just bad. You do realize that, right? Right??

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

Wordnerd's picture
6660 pencils

'hey, we know there are 17383 anti-smoking print campaigns, but we found a new one: smoking is like sucking the dick of the tabacco industry! that's gonna show them'
if advertising is a little bit more to you then creative wanking, (lets say about solving a problem f.e.) please stop that print crap alltogether for anti-smoking.

CopyRight's picture
715 pencils

nice work

KbxAdz's picture
934 pencils

actually i thought the ad was having a completely different message and target audience when i saw teh thumbnail. now when i saw it was for alll smokers, then the idea is so so. but if you make the targt audience young corporate recruits who chain smoke along with their bosses to be in their good books, then this is a gr8 idea, copy would be some thing like "smoking to please your boss is as good as sucking"

You Are What You Expect

Publiz's picture
115 pencils

It's a french campaign created by Publicis which make controversal discussions by the bloggers. I don't think that the targer understant clearly the message.

Inspiration graphique et publicité créative : Publiz

Hibon's picture
3736 pencils

You can see above the name of the agency.... this is not Publicis...but BDDP & Fils, France.

Simple ideas are the best !

alejulimaty's picture
840 pencils

this is very clear, everyone can understand it and it was thought to be controversial. well done

jebus's picture
490 pencils

Okay, so you're going show the same idea 3 times, why not mix up the poses a bit?

ladycake's picture
19 pencils

Ok...when I first saw this pic in the preview, I didn't see cigarette dependency.

monsieurange's picture
520 pencils

Terrible ads!

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

I don´t know... bad association between slavery, sex and cigarrette, i guess.

Hibon's picture
3736 pencils

This ad is not doing a great job to the ad industry in France. The idea is good for a agency book but not for the cause.

Simple ideas are the best !

Ensamblador's picture
239 pencils

The sexual connotation "blows" away the message. I don´t know if it really works, smokers will reject it on the first sight.

satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

making the ad nasty doesn't make it brillant all the time... what if the smoker enjoys being dominated?

Let me tell you! This is too sexy to help the cause.

Davirus's picture
44 pencils

Only if you act as a prostitute.

I dont think average smokers likes to be dominated.

lamoscacojonera's picture
281 pencils


Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
897 pencils

brillant. I'd buy that.

gmint7's picture
2683 pencils

another French shit.


Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

where is the efficiency?
what kind of social campaign is a one who doesnt care of efficiency?

pantspantsrevolution's picture
24 pencils

Whoa ho, the old adage is true: sex sells. Now I want fellatio AND a cigarette.

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
834 pencils

:-) A very strong and straightforward message. Well...truth sucks, doesn't it?

Spoonfeederxxx's picture
641 pencils

I have to agree with xcreativity, the sexual connotation overrides the intended message, which dilutes it tremendously...

etheleillehun's picture
2 pencils

Lol.. you're saying blowing is bad, not smoking...

CreativeGOD's picture
54 pencils

BLOW JOB AD!!!!!!!!

HelloBello's picture
14 pencils

Strong sexual message, weak strategy and so so execution. Although makes me feel dirty looking at the ad which is how i'd feel if i smoked so perhaps it does work.....Just not for the right target.

checkhill's picture
465 pencils

if he pissed on her face that would feel nasty and dominating,
people love oral sex, and it's not abuse unless those are underaged teens.

the_guest's picture
175 pencils

I think the analogy between smoking and oral sex is forced and stupid. Surely there will be a lot of fuss about these ads, but they won't make any difference to any smoker.

f10.Sevilla's picture
59 pencils



tchifi's picture
164 pencils

don't think it does anything for the cause.

bobby666's picture
1460 pencils

the intended or unintended sexual connotation is too overpowering and thus makes the idea weak... not working for me

michelangelo's picture
660 pencils

blow job or smoking? men enjoy women who blows great but not women whose breath stinks

Dzsoi's picture
6719 pencils

Smoking is like s*cking the dick of tobacco companies. It is an analogy and one of the thing compaired here is a sexual action. If the sexual connotation is kind of overriding the compaired thing (smoking), this means they were successful at dramatising it, weren't they?

Davirus's picture
44 pencils

As I said previously, only actual smokers complain about this, mostly people around here are not being objective about the message.

I found the message impressive, original and superb.
A good AD is not about graphics, is about the idea, and this have a good one.

Sven Gali's picture
Sven Gali
845 pencils

The oral fixation undertone of both smoking and oral sex
has nothing to do with the perversion of forced oral slavery
warped is as warped does.

Holly Boy's picture
Holly Boy
42 pencils

Ouch.... It's very very very bad.
It's what they don't have credits ?

cortescreativo's picture
118 pencils

WTF with this ad!!!????

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

you love this or hate this, you WONT FORGET this


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

Ed Rapport's picture
Ed Rapport
724 pencils

well it is for sure one of those ads not to be forgotten. but to relate it with polishing the nob is a bit of a stretch... But i see what they are trying to communicate smoking makes you a slave to BIG Tobacco companies.. The art of smoking (sucking to enhale) is, in fact similar to oral sex performed on a man.. But kids as young as 12 and 13 can become hooked on cigg addiction. Doesn't look good to show a kid in this position. So could be executed with out showing such a graphic depiction.

aaaron's picture
103 pencils

The concept is not wrong. But I don't like the visual...

Guest's picture

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