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it gets a bit much though, gross man!

xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

neither this one.. sorry

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To me the message seems to 'miss the mark'. I don't get slavery from this - I get abuse. They could have done better.

shortafella's picture
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pure and simple STUPID!

AssassinX's picture
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Some people may just like BJ, secretly.......It's quite controversial n I think the idea is kinda weird...

Dont like it.

alejulimaty's picture
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i have to disagree, this was obviously thought to be controversial, the idea is good, and i`ve even read about it in newspapers in argentina. mission accomplished

alexander_bickov's picture
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Brilliant concept

evanguyen's picture
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so, this guy is gay? lol!

satrianee's picture
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Some must have find this idea "brillant"... nobody can "abuse" anybody this age... these guys (and gals) must be enjoying where they are kneeling.

nice shots wasted on bad idea.

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deep dave
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Nah... Shock tactics don't work i9n this case.

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would be waaaaaay better with "Smoking is being a slave to tobacco Companies"

cause its easier to compare a company witch is misusing a plant with a person than an
unguilty plant.

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didn't like it... but someone said it was all over the news in argentina and mission accomplished... then congrats... but still i will say not working for me

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Muhammad Imran
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if the blow job isn't a pleasure then it works for sure, maybe French people doesn't like blow job, aren't they? I'm a chain smoker and no one forced me to do that at all!

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Roger Keynes
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The target is young people. And many young are concern about their sexuality, they don't like to be abused. They already know the bad effects of smoking, but never feel concerned. May be that way…

So it works for me! May be it would be better (as someone said before) with a line like this : "When you smoke you are being abuse by tobbaco companies"

The TV spot also is good (although less "hard")

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Sven Gali
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The oral fixation undertone of both smoking and oral sex
has nothing to do with the perversion of forced oral slavery

Ed Rapport's picture
Ed Rapport
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yea these ads really do come across as having a sexual undertone to them. one might look at this ad and tie in some form of gratification by smoking a cigg after oral sex..

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