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Anov Communication
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Making a huge problem in France ... TV ad is much better !

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seriously, not a fan of all of the poster ads. I'll be waiting for the tv ads.

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where's the half star button?

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F that. I want some negative stars.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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John van de Vor...
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God this is bad.. on so many levels and in so many ways...


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when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it was a priest!
am i crazy?

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Anov Communication
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look up the TV SPOT right here (in french no time yet to translate it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IiIwzc833s
message is : "Ladys and gentlemen, we are in a tuff position and that's why we are in here : we have more than 60 tonnes of toxic poison (like acethone, calmium and amoniac) and we really need to hide it from the earth ground, do you have any good ideas ? Why not to send it in a recycling circle ... NO NO NO too expensive, Why not to Digg a hole like last time and hide it with ground ... NO NO NO we will have some problems with ecologist in less than 24 hours ... Don't you have a more efficient idea ?
And if we make people throw it ? Like if we make us throw a little bit every day, they won't find any clue ... using marketing to makes youngs think it's cool and rebel ... And How will it looks ? I think I have a really good picture in my mind ... blablabla"

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its not throw it but eat it (smoke it). And they will be buying it, no cost to us.

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cyril effman
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I hate

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Asqueroso. Esclavos sexuales del tabaco?. No viene al caso. Totalmente Desagradable.

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Too many models to say the same thing.

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bad astronaut
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It's stupid...but I like it!

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I can imagine how the art director would like a black leather collar around that neck.... Otherwise he/she wouldn't ask for those looks

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The French Kiss, as explained by the French...

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Sickness ideas. I think the girl look better.

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Roger Keynes
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How many of you have told your friends how appalling this ad series is?
When you get an idea that polarises people like this... it's a good idea.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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it looks like blow job ad.

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Audrius Kubrik
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I think it's to the point. Maybe you don't want to think about the habit from this angle and it gets under your skin (which it should) but for me - they absolutely nailed it:

When you're young you think smoking makes you look cool, but in reality you're just a slave of the 'guys upstairs' in big tobacco companies.

I think it works.

And that's an opinion of a quitter.

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Roger Keynes
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I hadn't thought of that angle, AK.
That's brilliant. Add two stars!

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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So blowjob is totally a bad thing eh?

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Not if you are sucking the dick you really want to... Do you want to suck the dick of a stranger, of an arrogant millionaire who makes his money by killing you slowly? Naughty girl!

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only individual choose what to (or whom to) suck... Smoking is a bad habbit, thats ok.. but this visuals points the "abuse" and there is no similarities between an abuse and bad habbit individual decides him/herself...

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sorry guys once again... really sorry

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I am with Audrius, playing on self-respect is not a bad route at all.

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To AK, if an ad needs an lenghthy explaination to be understood by the masses, then the ad is a FAIL.

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I found the concept easy to understand, it didn`t took more than 3 seconds to get the message.
Some ads are focused to only people who can understand the message, a 8 years old kid hardly will get the message, but Im almost sure YOU did get the message as well other users around here.

Personally I think the only ones who are complaining about this are actually people WHO smokes already.

I find it superb, discreet and with very nice quality.

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Sven Gali
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The oral fixation undertone of both smoking and oral sex
has nothing to do with the perversion of forced oral slavery

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Ed Rapport
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I just think this is a little to graphic. And to tie it in with child sexual abuse.. a whole different public problem and concern, is not really a great execution. It shows youth in a demeaning way.., the concept needs to be re-thinked entirely.. you can't force anyone to smoke a stog but oral sex can be forced..

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concept is so easy to understand. i think we all forget couple of things. 1) how gullible and naive teens really are sometimes. and as marketers aren't we always trying to market to them first? why? because they are the ones buying into the "image" easiest and fastest. 2) is any one surprised any more that big corporations are not looking out for our best interest? well, in case you don't know let me enlighten you people. we r all getting screwed almost each time we make a purchase, but it is what it is =) that being said, kudos to the ad. and the rest of you lighten up. it's just an ad. and if it offends you so much- you apparently have got issues you might want to address with a professional. also try to get out of this biz.

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it's just saying that smoking is GAY

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