Associated Ready Mixed Concrete: Vegan

Vegan jerky. Tastes kind of like apocalypse.
Now hiring concrete truck drivers. A strong work ethic and an appetite for food made from animal parts, required.

Advertising Agency: O'Leary and Partners, Newport Beach, USA
Creative Directors: Eric Spiegler, Deirdre McQuaide
Art Director: Paul Christensen
Copywriter: Matt McNelis
Photographers: Paul Christensen, Andrea Caillier
Published: December 2007


kgeiger's picture
7179 pencils

"We are recruiting stereotypes."

J.Zdaniuk's picture
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don't take it so seriously, they aren't. It's called a humor campaign, if you think they are serious you are fitting the "foreigners don't understand anything" stereotype (yes it is a prevalent stereotype in the US)

mikelite's picture
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too bad it's not funny. well, unless this campaign ran in 1992 before all that other Manly-Man bullshit.

Davosk's picture
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Very good copy. The art is a bit stiff and would suit better to be more roughed up.

juliangray's picture
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Its a shame that the art fails to take the headlines to another level.

Clint's picture
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I agree ... I like the idea, but this looks like an unfinished layout.

teenie's picture
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I like these and I don't. They're too clever by half.

Guest's picture

art direction sucks

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