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'Like magic. The good magic. Not that quarter behind the ear crap.' is a very, very good headline. Well done.

But the headline you ran before the headline: 'We make the impossible possible' is just crap even if it wasn't a pale reflection of the adidas line. Why put a second-rate headline before the good headline anyway? It adds nothing to the communication and just takes makes it long-winded and duller.

Lose the pre- headline which totally drowns your good writing. Three sentences and full stops is enough in a headline anyway. Improve the art direction (which will be easier with one less element) and you may have a real winner. There is a real 'One Show' tone to the headline, but the art direction and pre-headline are trying their hardest to get the judges to pass on it.

Come to think of it, even the good headline can be tweaked a little.

"LIke magic. The good stuff, not that ....crap"