Aspirin: Volcano

Get rid of headaches.

Advertising Agency: Graffiti BBDO Bucharest, Romania

Creative Director: Mihai Gongu
Art Director: Glazione Rocha
Copywriter: Catalin Stanciu
Photographer: Photoland/Corbis/Paul Sounders

April, 2010


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I remember reading somewhere that BBDO Romania used Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano as inspiration for this, in my opinion, badly executed quickly churned out ad.

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I didn't think an aspirin could stop a volcanic eruption.

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What they are tying to say is that Aspirin will take care of all the headaches caused by this recent volcanic eruption (e.g. flights were canceled, people stranded at airports, etc).

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i find the idea is a bit strange..
art isnt good enough

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I think that the guys genuinely had less time on hand as it all happened so soon and quickly made an international news. I think they had to deliver before the news subsided. So good thinking but average execution.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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To me.. looking at this ad makes me want to take an aspirin

life is a playground

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i see no direct connection

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aspirin is the wrong client, would work good for something against cardialgia or even better diarrhea;)

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I wish this was for Rolaids.

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Marlus Lau
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The idea is interesting, but the execution is not very well!

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agreed with u .....i clap for this idea...but wrong execution messed it up

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Bad art..doesn't convey the concept well enough

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Federico Hackdoski.
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good idea. wats wrong?

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the worst analogy ever

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