Aspirin: For workache, 3

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Ingrid Lira
Art Directors / Copywriters: Pablo Aburto, Marcelo Palma, Cristian Seisdedos
Illustrator: Lamano estudio
Photographer: Patricio Pescetto
Published: February 213


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Similar but not the same

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Brandon Marlo
350 pencils

Exactly the same...

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Brandon and Annette,you are so wrong :/

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Agree, same idea, different visual though, nice visual.

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it's the same enough. agreed it's a different execution, but everything else is the same. the concept, the thought, the insight, etc.

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anónimo de la calle
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It's not the same!!! The product is similar.... its for headaches!!! so, they use the "HEAD" but in different ways. Are you students???

anónimo de la calle

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im a student, yes.
anyway, like i said: the concept and the insight are the exact same. "unending repetition of a menial task"

the execution is different.

so what matters? the thought behind the execution or the execution itself?
i suppose it's up to each creative to decide for him or herself.

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now how´s that for a student... maybe he should be on your seat.

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Similar Concept, totally different exectution.

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Definitely not the same. Ad trolls on this site need to be shot.

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Brandon Marlo
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hahaha is this your work? get over it, it´s done. sorry mate.

old's picture
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Diferent ejecution. Same concept and idea. Sorry man. It's Done.

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I like the work done on the three main items.

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Leon Cannes
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knife (head) constantly hitting the wood tray = persistent headache.
if youre copying an idea, make sure the execution is way better than the original. this is not this case.

nice try.

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YOU get over it. everything's been done for f* sakes

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By no means is this the same as the references provided. I think too often people jump to saying "done" when ads are not the same, and doing so simply belittles our industry. From my experience, most people who jump quickly to saying "done" are usually those who are quite ignorant when it comes to creative advertising.

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Brandon Marlo
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yeah agree, or more often are those who watch a lot of advertising so they don´t fall into this basic mistakes ;), I mean same network... and a cannes winner, come on...

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Agree! and that´s creative ignorace...

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no way does the link look anywhere close to the one shown here. the Saridon ads are far better and they won awards no less than golds.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Peter Frank
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boring and done before

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Different enough to be fresh. Like the executions.

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