ArtMax: Sleep well at home

Sleep well at home

When your bed is uncomfortable, you do not get enough sleep and so you can fall asleep at wrong moment. Sleep well at home on comfortable beds and mattresses by ArtMax and you'll never get in an unpleasant situation.

Advertising Agency: Sol Creative, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Dmitry Chigirin
Art Directors: Daria Barkalova, Dmitry Krasnov
Account director: Sergey Kovalev
Copywriter: Dmitry Chigirin
Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev
Published: April 2014


damnson's picture
9226 pencils

Like it a lot. Art is cool too.

An axe murderer of ads.

NY Belfry's picture
NY Belfry
1045 pencils

I'm not sure it's great that the product is blended in the art in the background as a subway spread.

Marcao's picture
2682 pencils

I think the idea's completely off the mark. People sleep on the subway not because they didn't get a good night's sleep on a comfortable bed, but because they are bored or stayed up too late watching the latest dramas.

Shawali's picture
8433 pencils

Great illustration. Bogus idea.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

kuroro75's picture
153 pencils

I think we dont understand the idea without the body copy .

But great illustration

In good ads we trust

Uduakabasi's picture
108 pencils

cool illustration.


Eduardo Mergener's picture
Eduardo Mergener
134 pencils

Great art. I also enjoy how subtle it is. Awesome work.

kleenex's picture
34089 pencils

The art is great.

Patrycja's picture
25 pencils

Lovely idea, remarkable art! Like it!

fei878's picture
16 pencils

great art

baliais's picture
2584 pencils

Art is great! Love it.

bobodecamarao's picture
31 pencils


Loud1's picture
35 pencils

I love the illustrators work, but the idea for the ad it terrible.

retrica's picture
18 pencils

It's funny! But I can imagine some women do not like it. Not for women idea.

Haim Scott's picture
Haim Scott
9 pencils

Love this one, definitely would work in Mexico too

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