Art in Bottles, 7

July 2007

A good wine is like a good film: It lasts a moment and it leaves a glorious flavour in the mouth; it's new at every sip and, as it happens in films, it's born and reborn in each "taster".
Federico Fellini

Advertising Agency: Mostro, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Daslav Maslov
Art Directors: Daslav Maslov
Copywriters: Gastón Morales, Nicolás Concha, Gonzalo Rossi
Illustrator: Mal de Ojo
Digital Illustraor: Salamagica

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TopJeff's picture
Activity Score 479

I like the concept a lot, and the quotations are wonderful for the objective, but something about the execution leaves me flat. Maybe it's the styling of the photography, but I don't find the campaign very aesthetically rewarding.


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Ginsberg's picture
Activity Score 59

Jeff, do you like the concept? Which one???? I can see the creative process in this one. Here it is:
Copywriter: I have no ideas.
Art Director: me neither
C: I know, let's get quotes a bout wine.
A: Quotes? Really?
C: Do you have anything else?
A: Let's go with the quotes.

Yeah, now I can really see the concept.
Top Jeff... loose de Top.


FatalGhost's picture
Activity Score 52

pverde..add de douchebag.

smp's picture

I dunno. I think the executions are great (not so much this one) but the copywriter got lazy (or drunk) and turned to for inspiration.

deep_tracy's picture
Activity Score 588

yeah. writers and liquor. tsk tsk.

copycomoelcopi's picture
Activity Score 822

nice, but that's all. good idea, but comes out a little boring… for me, at least.

blacksmurf's picture

i lost the idea.
messages in a bottle?
ehm...what else?
:| i cannot say even "nice execution"