Art Directors Club Ukraine: Mother, 2

Sorry, we are not your mother.
So think twice before submitting to ADC*UA

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine
Creative Directors: Andrey Copots, Claus-Steffen Braun
Art Director: Pavel Klubnikin
Copywriter: Yaroslav Serdyuk
Photographer: Pasha Vrzhesch
Agency Producer: Katya Duda
Production: Limelite studio
Producers: Alik Zurashvili, Vladimir Yatsenko

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But that aside. How can one not help but give a little smile and a chuckle. I've been trying to convince clients for as long as I can remember to have a man dressed as a women in there ads. BUT NO!!!! THEY ALWAYS NOW BEST!

But as USUAL! I have the last laugh. This is a fine example of a creative visual and a creative idea and a creative insight working together to get a man dressed up as a women on a page. Throw in some new and very cool window dressing's/art direction and some font that I have never seen before..... you have a winning formula. I mean look at it! The font actually looks like it's got some knitted loops in it! Some granny mothery loops. AND of-cause being Leo Burnett it's got the classic lazuer archive desaturation effect to round it off. I TAKE OUT SATURATION ALL THE TIME! IT DOESN"T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST ME, SNAP IT LIKE A TWIG!!

Hmmm......I wonder if they will be entering these ads into the awards?

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