Art Directors Club: Mother, 5

Sorry, we are not your mother.
So think twice before submitting to ADC*UA

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine
Creative Directors: Andrey Copots, Claus-Steffen Braun
Art Director: Pavel Klubnikin
Copywriter: Yaroslav Serdyuk
Photographer: Pasha Vrzhesch
Agency Producer: Katya Duda
Production: Limelite studio
Producers: Alik Zurashvili, Vladimir Yatsenko

November, 2010


S.tefan's picture
117 pencils

Simple and great idea!
Like it

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

"SubmitTing" please. Someone PLEASE explain copywriting to art directors who think they can write. It's such a shame to see good ideas hang themselves like this.

Guest's picture

Perhaps you could explain that to the copywriter, since it's his job to spell correctly.

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

I did so. Was a technical error transposing (from Skype, he told me, strangely), to the InDesign document. Is fixed now.

Kroteq's picture
2 pencils

And thanks a lot for this! :D

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
1541 pencils

I'm not sorry they're not my mother.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

Miss Copywriter 22's picture
Miss Copywriter 22
175 pencils

@ curious pencil....i see 2 T's .

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

Yep, I mailed the copywriter this morning. He had it fixed. The original had one.

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