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Without realizing it, you are giving the homeless an opportunity. Try to think of really achieving it.

Advertising Agency: Altraforma, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director: Xavi Lardín
Art Director: Francesc Morata
Copywriters: Yoryo Hortolà, Adrià Rosell
Photographer: Adrià Rosell
Published: December 2010


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i like it.. nice..

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fisrt hand idea. weak imo.

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nice idea.

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boxes for homeless is over used but it still stay a nice ad.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Ivan, can you ask submitters to include a link to their client's website so we don't have to spend 10 invaluable seconds of our lazy lives typing it in please?

Since there's no translation anywhere, I'm not 100% sure about the ad, and the website's in Flash so I couldn't machine translate. But it really looks like the client's asking people to throw their cardboard onto the street. Which is terrible. Because it rains and gets wet. And the council complains about rubbish. And I'm hoping I'm missing something here. Because otherwise this is bad.

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I think the idea is quite clear: The homeless pickup stray carton cardboards dumped by the TG and use them as cots and sheets and they are happy doing that. Now the brand points out that if the TG consciously tries to help then the homeless will really be better-off.

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Ah okay, thanks. I did see the follow-up spot explaining it, and it mentioned that they had online donations too. I would've thought this would be a good *starting point* for a campaign - telling people that giving away something they don't need is One thing, but donating is a Better thing. Still, something's better than nothing I guess. Cheers for the explanation luis.

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You're welcome. I don't mean to intrude or offend, I couldn't help but notice that almost every ad on aotw in the past few months has one or more of your comments. How do you find the time to do that and why do you do make it a point to comment on the ads here?

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I make the time to do it luis. Because I work in this industry and enjoy the company of my peers. Plus, as a copywriter, I specifically value the work of other copywriters, seeing the way they dance with words, or not; and since my 26-letter career has given me a frightening typing speed, it doesn't take that much time. As you can see from many of the comments my fingers have blurted out before my brain's done thinking.

I only found out about aotw 5 months ago. I make a point now to point myself here regularly, because I think everyone in advertising owes it to themselves and their clients to a) see what's being done and not copy it purposely and b) see what's *been* done and not copy it accidentally. There's an alphabet of reasons really but mostly it's advertising and the people who work here. Might be an idea to open a thread in another forum for this really, rather than pollute an ad critique with flowery blah.

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Thanks CP for being such a helping hand for learners like us. @Luis : I think either I'm too busy to post a comment or I'm free to post comments like CP. So we should comment something contractive like CP or should not comment craps like "Good idea", " Bad idea", "jajajajajajaj bad", etc etc.

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Something's getting lost in translation here...
I think luis is right, but the line isn't really that clear.

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Maybe the line should be "Without realizing it, you're giving the homeless a "false" opportunity (or false hope). There's a better way to really help."

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nice idea.

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