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Hot. I don't want this panther to go extinct. Where is the jar?

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sorry, all i see is a naked woman.... if i don't see the title "panther"

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these are disappointing

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bad astronaut
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it's a little bit too glamorous for an empathetic topic. I could care less about the panthers because she's hot and the copy doesn't really make sense to me.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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part of the problem with these is they look very fashion....granted there's no clothes.
they are however populated with glamorous/beautiful people, in other words eye candy.
the realization of the artwork is very good indeed, the figures sit well within their backgrounds, so an ace job on making them look good.
But, I wouldn't see these and think - enviroment? take away the logo and I'm seeking the perfume/coffee/hair gel......other ambiguous product.

Being shallow, and just enjoying a good visual I'd still give them 8/10

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too good to be used for such a message

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My Dad is an Ad Man
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she is hot

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Ok, you have beautiful models.
They only want to show naked people for some reason.
Brazil, don´t disappoint me.

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Objectively, this is a horrible Ad that will accomplish absolutely nothing on such an important subject. Yeah the chick is hot.. so? Dumb ass campaign. I'd like to see the real animals biting these peoples asses off.


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opposite of u
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the ad is horrible, but the girl? woohoo, i wouldn't like her to extinct

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were this ad has not a girl, it would never get so many comment


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