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Going to the gym doesn't make you a better fighter nor a violent person.
The excecution is pretty lame also.

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Crisp One
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agreed, execution is doo doo

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It doesn't, but it does make you look tough and strong, which should be enough to avoid other people trying to pick up fights with you.

This one definitely works for me.

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ehh. This is the most clever tagline of the three, expressing clearly the benefits using the logic of a more fit person has a better chance in a fight. Playing on the masculine pysche. But execution is, agreed... poo. Typography is totally random. I assume it's pulling from fightclub-esque motives. but crappy. and way too much dead ugly brown space at the bottom. Posts clear question, gives clear answer.

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Good ads i say...Gyming toughens u up...gets you ready for tough situations...Simple..

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Good One

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Lovely line.

Lousy layout.

Sorry... atrocious layout.

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