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The others in the campaign are terrible, this one is mediocore. Overall, the typography is terrible and the white font often looks "too" out of place. Not so apparent in this one, but even worse in the others.

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join the gym.
and fight.
watt ???????????????????

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"Discussions on the table". Hmm. Okay, does this mean (1) everyone's sitting on the table or (2) everyone's commenting on the table?

This must be losing something in translation.

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The typography makes me want to puuuuuke.
Then again, so does everything else about this campaign.

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Across the table is a discussion. On the table is a fight.

I think these expressions of the english language are simple to comprehend. And the world play in the line is clever. So what's the the problem?

Ivan, perhaps you need to start moderating comments. Or soon we'll have Neil Frenches sprouting up all over ADSOFTHEWORLD.

I think it's a great site you're maintaining. Great job dude...

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