Arno Washmachine: Soldiers Stains

Save your patterns.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Leo Macias
Art Director: Leo Macias
Copywriter: Felipe Dornelas
Photographers: Mauricio Nahas, Marcel Valvassori
Illustrator: Pedro Júnior
Art buyer: Selma Momosse
Account Manager: Tania Rodrigues
Account Supervisor: Silvia Brihy
Planner: Thiago Delfino
Production: Rita Vilarim, Thiago Loureiro, Emerson Russo
Post production: Goodimage, Burti HD


kleenex's picture
33776 pencils

That is one funky looking washing machine.

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gadgets's picture
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Very good!!

abake's picture
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Again, I'm at a loss as to how this will be terribly engaging for a house-wife looking to buy a new washing machine...
Nice art though!

salil.sharma's picture
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excellent concept
very different from other & New design in Washing Machine Industry.

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a very good concept, but i dont know about the execution: why are stains and patterns from different time periods?!

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Fernando Fernandes
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Um salvador para as roupas finas! rs

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