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Classy thinking, despite first appearances!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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but ths concept wud go better with some sort of welding
device or service...whereas ths product shines th "surface"...
well,just a thot.

raju_dus1's picture
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again, sex works in advertising.. but the way they using!! its nice.. good concept.. like the ad..

Yokel's picture
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Bit small for anal beads ... How'd she hurt herself?

thirty6chambers's picture
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the pole.

Yokel's picture
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aha! still, one could polish ... yes, well.

ixblitzxi's picture
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I got the reference right away, but could someone please explain how a shiny and clean pole caused her to hurt herself? It doesn't imply slippery...

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Boony wants a beer
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Tron's picture
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they're all pole dancers:-)

Think its a little vague. The one with the broken leg shows a pole, that helps, shoulda given more clues on the other 2.

Chris's picture
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im thinking it would have been a little bettr if they were in the hospital waiting room, but its still a good ad.

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She’s a pole dancer? That’s one hell of a leap based on the information given. (A leap with a HIGH degree of difficulty.) I certainly don’t believe in beating the consumer over the head but this is a bit too vague. How do we know she’s a pole dancer? Her clothes? Pole dancers don’t wear all that jewelry. She could just as easily be a street walker or dominatrix. If she’s a pole dancer why not shoot her in that environment (in a club) with a pole in the shot? That would not have taken anything away from the concept. But it would have made the leap quicker and clearer. By the way, are women or men the target for a brass/jewelry cleaner? I would have thought women. Great thinking, but help me out and at least push me in the right direction so I can complete the circle quicker.

ivan's picture

C'mon! It's obvious she is in the adult entertainment business. Sex worker or pole dancer. Shiny metal - instant association to poles. I think this is cultural. If you never been to such a bar and haven't seen it on tv, you would not make the connection.

Oh, and the target of the ad is the jury. Let's not kid ourselves. :)

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Slashh, you are a star. Arn't you sick of all these lazy creatives who can't think anything beyond sex and only they understand what they have done. Where is the USP, i also doubt that Brasso would commission this kind of work. Obviously awards was on the mind as you see 4 Creative Directors on one job. Having been a CD myself this simply is not true. When you fill in the timesheet the client only pays for the assigned team and never for 4 Creative Directors. Who are we trying to fool? They mean to say 4 CDs actually approved this job?

dragon's picture
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Desi. but just remember (if you really was DC before) the people involve in the process
also got the credit.Sometime is just that, or the only reason to be there sometimes is just a protocol. Dont you think?

A. J. SMITH's picture
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Damn its her right arm too.

I hope she's left handed, otherwise her trade mighty slow down for a while.

iwaseem's picture
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could you explain, because i didn;t get it yet

A. J. SMITH's picture
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She's a pole dancer, and because the poles have been polished up so well, with Brasso, she has fallen off and injured herself.

Thats what I got from it anyway.


ivan's picture

Yes. She needs to have a good grip on that pole. ;)

A. J. SMITH's picture
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you know it.



tutsi kimiyancek's picture
tutsi kimiyancek
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can i get the number of this lady? i like she :)

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