Arihant Superstructures: Seal

Home Cool Home
AC's in every Living and Bedroom at Arihant Abhilasha make our sweet homes really cool to live in.

Advertising Agency: Joshbro Communications, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Creative Director / Art Director: Ashok D Karkala
Photographer: Muralidhar Alle
Copywriter: Oliver Pinto
Illustrator: Muralidhar Alle
Additional credits: Deeshant Bhandarkar
Published: January 2010


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3138 pencils

First idea

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

not that good execution thou

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2374 pencils

bad art direction, dont like the typography

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polar's picture
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i'm agree with you in the art thing, but ma be the typography is not bad at all, o think it's in the wrong place.

silvi's picture
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I like the photo, but there´s so many sun. Sun is warm, not cool.

cruzialx's picture
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over exposure

kripaakar's picture
522 pencils

not impressing

tantrik_indian's picture
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No need of headline. The body could have perhaps been just - "Arihant Abhilasha make homes really cool."

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Exo84's picture
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Am I the only one, who finds this campaign a bit unethical??
I mean one of the reason why theese animals suffer up at the North is air conditioners.

MT's picture
14 pencils

Totally agree, totally unethical, and way to close to Novotel "natural living campaign"
So baaad!

kagzmainah's picture
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poor execution

rolling.stone's picture
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As links given by ABcreatives

since already done (dont know if agency did it intentionally or they didn't know about panasonic ads )

One thing, Art is good here comparative to panasonic


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Sven Gali
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doesn't sell

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