April 2007

Ariel now with jasmine.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Ed Jones
Art Director: Fadi Yaish
Copywriter: Micky Larosse
Illustrator: Ahmed Kundreman
Photographer: David Taylor Bramley

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Bye's picture
Activity Score 1464

I think you're kinda kissing your, or someone you know's ass.

like.a.boy's picture
Activity Score 227

This one doesn't work!
Even without jasmine I'll still smell that panty!

SummerA's picture
Activity Score 154

The smell is so good it turns you into a panty sniffing pervert?

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

I agree - not about you having a whiffing problem, but that the pervert would be smelling those things with or without the jasmine.

NEON's picture
Activity Score 18

GREAT CAMPAIGN! I THINK IT SHOULD GET SOME METAL. IT IS AS GOOD AS THE OTHERS. Like.a.boy "Even without jasmine I'll still smell that panty!" THAT IS THE POINT DUDE!

Bye's picture
Activity Score 1464

I think you're kinda kissing your, or someone you know's ass.

mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

the logic doesn't work at all for this one. the perverts would prefer to smell flesh rather than jasmine fragrance.

again, the lamps in the background are distracting. poor execution, poor concept, poor photography, and poor art direction. sorry.

Black Pencil's picture
Black Pencil
Activity Score 50

Er... mrtalented (such modesty)... here's the logic on this one: perverts are known to sniff women's lingerie, but the man in this ad isn't a pervert, he's simply drawn to the jasmine fragrance of the freshly washed pretty lace item.

mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

then why named the ad Pervert at the first place? the other ads in this series named "thief" for thief, "Kidnap" for kidnnaper,
and "Goal" for goalie. why only this one is exeptional???????????????

maybe it's only YOUR logic. period.

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3516

This one is just confusing everyone. I'm not going to try and explain what I think is going on, because I'm not even sure it's right. So I say it doesn't fit with the others because of the confusion.
Asside- I heard you can buy used panties from vending machines in Japan. Weird.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

true. the sniffer and the football boy don't fit with the first two (kidnap+thief)

your comment reminded me of this great music video:
(the music takes getting used to though...)

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3516

That IS a great music video. What a great way to make some cash and freak out to DDR. I'm getting ideas.

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

should be a priest or a nun sniffing the panties. or maybe he should be sniffing a jockstrap. that'd at least make it somewhat interesting. as it is, it's just goofy photography. and doesn't have much to say.

DanteFarla's picture
Activity Score 40

Done. Next.

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082

Embrace it all, my cleverlings.
Lose yourselves in the liberating fragrance.
Feel all that constructive criticism leaving your bodies.
Feel that grip loosening on that mouse.
Feel that joy of the idea levitating your spirits...

Elle, you can take them from here..

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Guest's picture

Eye-catching isn't always the recipe for functional...and could easily be distasteful....uh what was the message again; who's product...all the important things to be remembered are wiped out by the reality of the irrelevance of the product to produce viewed result.
Not to mention, at least half or more of your audience may be turned off permanently.