Ariel OxiAzul Max: 0 fat

Fat Free Clothes

Advertising Agency: Cazar DDB, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Creative Director / Copywriter: Freddy Alfau
Art Director: Frank Ordoñez


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Ed Mintone
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Some deep Spanish proverb?

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Fat free as in stain free... Im assuming

Stains = oil = fat

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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bad joke

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hip hip agggggggf

Well, [edited for language by admin]
if you want do something good see the canneslion reel and try to do something better. if you can't, try to do something good.if you can't, please don't send this print anywhere.
it's bad for the target and it's very bad for you.

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Weak, but I think it might work.

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wow, good job, great idea!!!

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i think it works.

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done before but still works

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Aldo Fonseca

Yes. Is a good idea. But is a joke that only works in spanish.

The claim is just like Fridgerator tells.

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from dr

its not fat free... its stain free clothes

the thing is that, in spanish, we use the same word 'grasa' for stain and fat.

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Thank god for that, I'm so fed up of eating underwear full of transfats. Wher do I buy the range.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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Frank Ordóñez

The thing is that OxiAzul Max is a Grease removement detergent, we told the message without showing a stain of grease by showing a healthy or musculant body. That Works. And the product whas allready on the market.

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Very clever, i understand why people who don't speak spanish don't get it so fast, but you have to give the credit, it's pretty cool

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OHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!! , is not funny in any language!!!

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it's good ieda but I think it's need something of design cuz come binding true
art director in Egypt ( advertising - design ) +20125550213
ahmed aly
if u need any idea please contant me as you like

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Andres Fabian

It's a shame that the idea doesn't translate very well in english coz it's a pretty good idea in spanish.However i do believe that ideas that hang on the headline for them to make sense, should be posted in english in order to test how it traslates in the broader sense of the word, thus helping you asses wether it's worthy of an international award and not just a spanish-speaking award ceremony. Well done Frank. Te la comiste!!

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Would be nice to see some slight transparency to the shirt

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lol that's very funny! (in spanish of course) simple and direct. helps u remember what the product does, and it's clear that it's a joke, not a target.

"grease free clothes" would be the direct translation, but it doesn't have the same effect in english.

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El aviso sólo funciona en español... grease y fat no es lo mismo. Esto pasa por jugar con palabras, no funcionan mas que en un sólo idioma. Necesitas conocer los matices del inglés antes de traducir literalmente las cosas.

Play on words never works in two languages. Language nuances don't necessarily match between spanish and english.

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BADDDD photoshop

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Gracias por el comentario david!! Eres lo maximo!! ombligo

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Buena idea, mal diseño.

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