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March 2010

Print advertisment created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Poland for Ariel, within the category: House, Garden.

Clean like new

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw, Poland
Regional Creative Director: Sion Wilson
Creative Directors: Agnieszka Niska, Max Olech
Art Director: Johan Pasternak
Copywriter: Natalia Pryzowicz

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Love them. Cannes :)

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Txt is a little bit small and not many people will catch it, but idea is very good.


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Brilliant!!! And not just because I was born in Yugoslavia :P

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Surely this would have been better if it had been old brand labels that no longer exist? Fashion items from the audiences youth? or iconic fashion items from previous decades maybe?

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China, North Korea, Cuba... are they dirty? Ariel doesn´t clean there?? or I am missing something here??

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it's all about history, the clothes are super old( as you can see from the design) and its clearly made in the soviet union( which doesnt exist for 20 years. I think its more for Europe were people actually know this stuff

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China North Korea and Cuba are existing countries. Those countries here they do not exist 20 years witch means the sweater is more than 20 years.
If u don't know history try with fashion, this sweater is quite old fashion. If that also doesent work , than its not for u.

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@Spider, you are wrong. Try to think out of the box. This ad is just nice and simple, a smart one!

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think outside? well the red spot played by old communist countries is something done for the same products years ago. At that time, it wasn't great. It was just nice. If this series of ads play more then this, please help me open my mind.

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Great set!!! Congrats!

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Didn't get it til I saw the USSR one, guess I'm not up on my European politics as I should be.

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Nice idea, to bad it has being done also for tide and ACE. Same client.

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It's hard to get a clue if you're not from Eastern Europe. 30 years ago there were almost no brands except the local ones or fakes, so it's ok about not showing any in this case. All the arguments about 'dirty China' or 'Cuba' sound a bit silly, sorry guys.

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thanks for the explanation - ive been scratching my head...

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Bardzo fajna kampania.

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tongtong li
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love it!!!!

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exactly stpuid. are there anyone who seen place of production on label instead of brand name? its too too forced.

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Yah, Poland does it.