April 2007
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Stay stain-free.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Ed Jones
Art Director: Fadi Yaish
Copywriter: Mick Larosse
Illustrator: First Base Imaging London / Fadi Yaish
Photographer: David Taylor Bramley

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These ads are extremely clever. If you look closely at the top of her head it is very dark almost as if to suggest that the top of her head has been blown off by whoever is sitting opposite her! As every one knows with a glass bottle of ketchup when you vigoursly shake it and tap goes everywhere suddenly! This ad is cleverly saying that Ariel will keep your whites stain-free no matter if you have a bottle explode on you or be shot in the head.
As for the other ads with the ink...again the way in which the pen is held indicates a razor and the way in which his wrists are positioned looks to me like the ad is cleverly and "tastefully" saying again Ariel will deal with your stain free shirt wheteher you spill ink on it or slit your wrists in it!!
And the food splattered up the girls legs? Easy, just look at the colour and where it is....she has peed herself! Ad claiming it deals with your white trousers even if you spill your food or pee your pants!!
In fact the more I think about it, it's insanely clever!
Sorry for long reply and sounding as if I am going on but was excited to express how I am seeing these Ariel ads! Certainly an excellent way to get into the consumers heads!!