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Goood Idea, but bad art direction.

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So these will bleach your shirts till they discolour?

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i think it means either u use ariel, or u get a bleached t-shirt.

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use ariel so that the colours of your clothes dont fade.

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Not extremely original but still nice. Would be great if placed in a concert.

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Boony wants a beer
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Yeah in a concert context would be pretty cool. Would have to be a fairly tight crop to avoid losing the name but that extra bit of art direction would really help I think.

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Mtl Dave
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I like it very much.

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Like that one.
But it´s true maybe a little claim could make the messege more clear for those who don´t understand...

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"Would be great if placed in a concert." : I don't understund! Why! The whole idea is: Use Ariel Color or (in Hungarian: vagy) your clothes will be faded. That's all!
Needn't any other content or design element! It's GREAT!!!

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Goood Idea, but bad art direction.