January 2008
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Stain removal pen.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jan Teulingkx
Art Director: Didier Vanden Brande
Copywriter: Damien Veys
Photographer: Christophe Gilbert

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a lot isn't clear:

1) it's a pencil
2) rubbers don't remove spaghetti, so in fact it shows the INABILLITY of what's on top of the PENCIL to remove what the bottom of the pencil may create.
3) furthermore, stain removal pens do not originate what they subsequently clean up anyway.

it's obvious with these points in mind that the creators of this ad. thought something like "so what removes? oh, i know, a rubber on a pencil. shall we try and force it? yeah, why not...".

given that metaphorical ability is a sign of intelligence, the creators of this ad are obviously deficient therein.


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