Ariel: Fork

Stain removal pen.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jan Teulingkx
Art Director: Didier Vanden Brande
Copywriter: Damien Veys
Photographer: Christophe Gilbert

January 2008


1838 pencils


The line and the copy don't work together.

We're going to need more lube.

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Too big a stretch. You get it, but it still doesn't make much sense as an image.

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You 2 are full of crap. The image is straight to the point. Good campaign.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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I agree, this is really good work.

1838 pencils

I agree.

My first comment was off.

I over thought it; I thought it was just ariel, and the line just a poor track, as opposed to simply stating that it was an ariel pen.

We're going to need more lube.

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nida ijaz
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it dosent make sense

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no, it makes lots of sense.. the idea is crystal clear.. you "write" something with the pencil that creates the stain then remove it with the eraser, whats not clear about it?
its a good one...
I was done thinking then I realized I didn't think enough.

| Everartz |

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a lot isn't clear:

1) it's a pencil
2) rubbers don't remove spaghetti, so in fact it shows the INABILLITY of what's on top of the PENCIL to remove what the bottom of the pencil may create.
3) furthermore, stain removal pens do not originate what they subsequently clean up anyway.

it's obvious with these points in mind that the creators of this ad. thought something like "so what removes? oh, i know, a rubber on a pencil. shall we try and force it? yeah, why not...".

given that metaphorical ability is a sign of intelligence, the creators of this ad are obviously deficient therein.

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Er...isn't that a pencil?

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hahahaha u r so right :)

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Makes sense, but making sense alone doesn't help. Nothing exciting unfortunately!

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It DOES make sense and its pretty easy to get.

Its a metaphor, as you can write with the pencil and then quickly and easily erase it with the pencil rubber, you can erase quickly and easily the stain with Ariel too.

...Ariel is the eraser of the stain... you get all this only with the image, you dont even need a copy, thats why this is great.

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The eraser. The eraser which is in red color, erases the pencil mark, but leaves the red color on a white paper.It is only the white color eraser, which removes the pencil mark perfectly.
Is the Ariel is also same as the red color eraser?,

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211 pencils

The eraser. The eraser which is in red color, erases the pencil mark, but leaves the red color mark on a white paper.It is only the white color eraser, which removes the pencil mark perfectly.
Is the Ariel is also same as the red color eraser?,

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It's interesting. The first time I saw this one, I saw the pointy end of the pencil replaced with the fork and spaghetti, rather than seeing that the END was replaced with a pencil eraser. It made me think, "Why does this product cause spaghetti stains?" Maybe it's because the fork has a wooden, pencil-like handle.

Maybe it would've been better to have a metal handle (like the whisk ad, which I think works best out of the 3). And, instead of having the end of the fork be the end of a pencil, it may work better to take one of those erasers you used to put over pencil erasers when they wore down and stick IT on the end of the fork. Possibly.

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I've seen these ads last month, as campaign of the week on a Belgian marketing site. At that time I was also discussing it. As some of you say, it's quite easy to get the idea by just looking at the images. I mean, you know what they are trying to say, but when you think a bit further, it's not completely correct, at least not to me (us).
As Tincho says, it's like a metaphor. Pencil and gum work together... OK. But spoon and gum don't work together. Wouldn't it have been better if the end of the spoon/mixer/fork was actually the product, the top of it that you need to remove to use the product...? Makes more sense, but then probably a lot of people won't get the 'pencil-gum idea'. To me it feels like they had a nice first idea, but somewhere it's not 100% correct... but not knowing how to make it right... still execute it because it would be such a damn waste not to use this 'clever' image...

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stop this, and its from saatchi :shakes head:

... its already been done...

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this isnt a bad ad, but it does get confusing after you think about it.

And the whisk and the wooden spoon dont really make sense unless im a cook and i dont want my apron to have stains.

The real benefit of ariel is to be able to remove stains when you're on the go. When you cant wash your shirt or dry clean your dress.

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m í t i c o
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Bien Forzado, sin sentido, I do not like.

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Only ad guys will appreciate this. You guys are too caught up with the idea even though there's no logic to the way it's presented. All I see is a conflict between the word "pen" and what looks like a pencil in the visual. You expect a passerby to walk past, stop, scratch his head, and try to reconcile that?

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combined the spoon and eraser ??
we got the stain and you will erase it by using the rubber???

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Mandla N
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its look like stain on the paper.

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Good work.

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Excellent. New and fresh approach to the category. Nice execution. Whole idea makes the viewer to consider the thing on which he's looking. And this is THE ad. Bravo.

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I really love it. i think rubber is replace by pack better.?? i dont know

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