Ariel: Attack, 3

Be prepared with Ariel.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Guangzhou, China
Executive Creative Director: Ng Fan
Creative Director: Wendy Chan
Art Directors: Ng Fan, Liu Zhong Quing, Ye Zhi Guang
Copywriter: Au Kin Cheong

August 2009


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wow! Nice graphics!
I just can feel it over my clothes.
Good work, man.

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beautiful art direction.

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time for ariel to move out of functional association globally. i don't know whether its a new brand in china. but i've repeatedly been exposed to ariel's preoccupied route to very basic functional claims. may be, this way, they own's the detergent category and some insights also supports the claim. however, globally ariel is an innovator and a premiumly positioned product. it should consider taking the emotional platform.


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Hi Shahidali,

I think they are absolutely great visuals.

However all it says is; food gets you dirty. Same as 60 years ago.

Therefore ‘be prepared’ is a bad line. We have spend half a century getting to know detergents.

It can’t get any cleaner than clean.

Maybe they should have connected it with heavy duty laundry. Where clean is not a certainty and you can talk about the secrets of modern technology behind your success. Like washing on a cold temperature.

So, yes I agree with you. This is way too basic.

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I think copy is lost in translation.

or copy could have been better.


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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why we should care if it's functional or emotional. Good is good.

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how can we be prepared the food stains will fall on clothes... i think the idea & visual is unconvincing & forced.
almost similar concepts but these work

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I get the point, but it's disgusting. Consumers don't want to be grossed out. Not a good way to lure them into buying your product.

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